Specialty Moving Services

moving antiques in oval office Are you moving out of an apartment and need movers who can easily navigate moving large items up sets of stairs? Do you have lots of heavy furniture and antiques that are too large, heavy or awkwardly-shaped to move? Well, you don’t have to move them on your own! Our movers are highly experienced with moving specialty items such as furniture, gun safes, antiques, pianos, and more. We offer all sorts of specialty moving services that we can provide along with your local, long distance and international moves. We want you to have the best move possible, and that means being able to transfer items that are important to you. Whether we’re providing you with our commercial or residential moving services, our specialty movers will take great care in moving whatever specialty items are involved in your move. Count on us to move your treasured belongings and to keep them safe in the process.

(Our specialty moving services are not provided as one sole moving service—They are only available when you use our local, long distance or international moving services).

Transferring Specialty Items

Some specialty items are too difficult to try to move by yourself, and it can be dangerous to try a do-it-yourself (DIY) situation. You may think using your friends and family to help you move is the best option, but using inexperienced people to move your items can lead to injuries or damage to your home and valuables. Instead of attempting a DIY move and risking damaging your items or hurting yourself, it’s best to choose professional movers who have experience with moving specialty items. Skip trying to awkwardly carry your furniture up and down the stairs, and save your friends and family the struggle. Use our specialty moving services so you can feel confident that your furniture, pianos, gun safes, what have you, stay intact and damage-free throughout the moving process.

Not only will we safely transfer your specialty items, but we can also provide you with other special moving services throughout your relocation with us. If you choose our company for our local, long distance, residential or office moving services, we can offer all types of specialty moving services that could be very beneficial during your move:

moving furniture up stairs

Safe Movers

Your specialty items are in good hands when you choose Mooney Movers for your relocation! Our movers carefully handle all specialty items with the utmost care taking great precautions to ensure your belongings are moved safely. Take the weight of moving off your shoulders—literally—and let us transfer your heavy, hard-to-move specialty items. Trust our specialty movers to provide you with A+ service throughout your move and keep your items intact. Your specialty items are safe with us! Contact us today! Let us assist you with your local or long distance move, and we’ll provide you with topnotch specialty moving services along the way.