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Local Moves

Local Moving

Mooney Movers can provide personalized and cost-effective moving services for any move in Albuquerque and surrounding regions.

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Long Distance Moves

Out of State Moves

When you move long-distance with Mooney Movers you'll get the personalized service that you expect from your local hometown mover.

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Office Moves

Office Moving

Office or facility moving can be a complex undertaking, but Mooney Movers can help by offering the experience...

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Moving Storage

Container Storage

Mooney Movers is an official COWs (Container On Wheels®) dealer, and can provide you with safe and secure mobile storage units for your belongings or office equipment.

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Government Moves

Government Moves

Government employees in the Greater Albuquerque Area can save time and money on their next household move with Mooney Movers and its affiliation with National Van Lines.

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Long Distance Movers

Containerized Moving

Looking for safe and secure container storage for your next move? Mooney Movers is an official COWs (Container On Wheels®) dealer, and can provide you with safe and secure mobile storage units for your belongings and office equipment.

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Corporate Moves


Please read our Blog to stay up to day on recent local, long distance and office moving tips and news.

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Joy Junction

Joy Junction

At some point, almost everyone needs a hand up in life for one reason or another. Whether this is from family, friends, or strangers, the assistance is always greatly appreciated. Joy Junction wants to be the Hand Up for the homeless in Albuquerque.

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Thanks for the great job of moving me. Your guys were so efficient, careful and fun to have around! I will be happy to recommend you to anyone I know that needs a mover. Thanks for the good service.

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Help Tips

  1. You should plan on transporting all valuables. This includes items such as money, jewelry, coin collections and important papers.
  2. You must also transport all items that are flammable, explosive or corrosive. This includes aerosol cans of any kind, fire extinguishers, paints and paint cleaners, ammonia and bleach.
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Albuquerque Moving Services

Mooney Movers is a reliable mover in Albuquerque because we pledge to arrive on-time and prepared to get your move done with the utmost attention to your family and your possessions. We’ll take steps to protect your home, doors, driveway and landscaping during our visit to your home, too. We move people just like you every day, so we know what you’re looking for in a professional moving company in Albuquerque.

Need Help Moving?

If you are searching for the best moving company to move you to or from Albuquerque, or if you are just moving from one side of Albuquerque to the other, Mooney Movers is your best choice for an Albuquerque household move. We say that because Mooney Movers is a professionally run moving company that has a rich 25 year heritage in Albuquerque. We have been successful because Mooney Movers respects its employees who, in turn, respect their customers…you..and that means a better moving experience.

Full-Service Move Plans

Of course, if you have special moving needs, call us, and let us do our best to meet your requests. You will be assigned a Moving Coordinator who will make it their responsibility to provide you with plenty of information about your move, and to answer all of your questions along the way. They will inform you about the full range of moving services available from Mooney Movers, including a free dust bunny cleaning service for all Out-of-State Moves!

Let Us Take Care of Your Albuquerque Move

Once all of your furniture is moved and your belongings packed, we clean the house and prepare it for the next owner. Changing jobs and adapting to a new place can be challenging enough, so we want to make sure that your move goes smoothly. So if you’re looking to move in the near future into, out of, or around Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Cruces and other New Mexico communities, please call us at Mooney Movers for a free in-home quote, that we will stand behind and guarantee, or fill out our handy form and we’ll contact you.